10 New Features on Maverick OS X

NOW-OS-X-Mavericks-via-GizmodoIt’s been 7 month since i bought my first macbook pro with mountain lion OS… and last month my friend told me that new (maverick) OSX was released.

And after searching about it on the net, here is 10 new features of maverick OSX :

1. Dictation Offline
2. Export as PDF
3. Calendar Travel Time
4. Finder with Tabs
5. Tags
6. Merge All Windows
7. Notification Center Widget
8. Linkedln Account
9. Try Tonight
10. Maps

3 Days left before u leave me


I am waiting more than one hours to transfer all data in my first (old laptop) to the backup hardrive. I should clean up everything on it. It was three days left before I give it to my brother…. (my brother’s toshiba notebook just broke last month…. so he need my old laptop to do work)…
Thanks for your hardwork in 4 years…hiks… (mellowdrama mode:on)

I am just trying to do what someone told me “when u buy the new one..give other the old one, so u will got extra one happiness from it”