Back to Writing

Its been 5 months after the last article i wrote.
Acctually, I have a lot of story to tell in this blog
But you know,The Laziness always became the best reason for me to postpone my desire.

One of my biggest hobbies is reading, I don’t know since when reading became my passion. I read and bought a lot of books since 2007, I never miss a day without reading news from my gadget or reading blogs while in front of my mac book screen.
But i can’t denied there was a time where I really did not want to read anything and replace it with sleeping or watching movies.

My favorite books to read was the biography, the story of people life. I curious about how people through their life. For some reason when I read their life. I am trying to be the subject. Try to understand their felling.

Until now I still have a good impression with people who are able to write and publish a book. Because for me writing was a very not easy job.
Unfortunately, my good impression was not able to provide encouragement for me to be a consistent / discipline blogger.

(btw i borrowed my office lenovo notebook for updating this blog… sometimes i miss windows os :p)


Sum4je website finally finished

I am so happy yesterday because i could finished Website for Sumatra For Jesus 2014 conference. Just realized that until now i still could make code after along time…. and finally noticed that making code is one of my passion eventough i still need google to help me remembering php, javascript and mysql things….

So guys if you want to know what is Sumatra For Jesus Conference, visit us on, and don’t forget to register… 😉

10 New Features on Maverick OS X

NOW-OS-X-Mavericks-via-GizmodoIt’s been 7 month since i bought my first macbook pro with mountain lion OS… and last month my friend told me that new (maverick) OSX was released.

And after searching about it on the net, here is 10 new features of maverick OSX :

1. Dictation Offline
2. Export as PDF
3. Calendar Travel Time
4. Finder with Tabs
5. Tags
6. Merge All Windows
7. Notification Center Widget
8. Linkedln Account
9. Try Tonight
10. Maps

2014 is coming to town


Have you prepare your goal for the new year?
I committed to tidy up my cluttered desk.
Although honestly I have a simple reason why I don’t need to do that…

Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

New book in this week


Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.56.13 PM


Last friday, i bought a new book  called “Young on Top”, written by Billy Boen. Honestly the first reasons why i decided to buy it was because i love the cover, it’s so shiny… and the others reasons was because the author….”Billy Boen”. I accidentaly heard that name  from Rene Suhardono, when he was a guest on tv talk show 2 weeks ago.  I thought if you are young people who want to be success you must read this book. It will give you alot of enlightment in your career journey.

Btw Rene Suhardono is author of the coolest book that u must read too “Your Job is not your carrer”.